Woo Audio WA7

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This is simply a great headphone amp, and represents amazing value.

If our reviews were based on looks alone, this Woo Audio amp would win easily.  I mean, just look at it. The glowing valves are encased in a glass housing, and when the lights are turned down in the studio its gentle glow looks amazing. It has won the nickname “firefly” for itself, and it is not hard to see why!

Of course, if you are a serious audiophile, you will claim that you don’t care about such superficial things as how good a headphone amp looks. Don’t worry, this amp also sounds great.

The debate about whether tubes have a place in serious headphone amps is settled by this amp. Yes, it uses tubes, but in this device they are built into a Class A system, which results in stunning linearity. The amplification offered here lifts the sound, imparting warmth and clarity without unduly coloring it.

If you are looking for a tube headphone amp, you’ve found the best one.

9 Total Score
Woo Audio WA7

If you are looking for a tube headphone amp, you’ve found the best one.

  • This headphone amp is nicely compact. If your studio is already packed with gear, and you are already running out of desk space for your next gadget, this is a good option. And, as we already mentioned, it will look great, glowing amongst all your other kit.
  • The USB input on this amp is really handy, and is a feature that some other headphone amps lack, to their detriment. This kind of connectivity is really handy if you are a musician, allowing you to use your other kit easily.
  • If you play, or simply listen to, jazz, blues, or rock, this is the amp to get. The all-tube design used here gives a tone quality to these types of music which is hard to describe in words. Give it a listen, and we are sure that you’ll agree!
  • Last but definitely not least, the sound of this amp is really impressive. It is deep and powerful, and the level of noise is stunningly low. This is undoubtedly helped by its separate power supply, which isolates any noise created by power cables that would otherwise color the amp’s sound.
  • None, in truth. Some headphone amps at the same price offer a few more sound options, but if you are looking for a tube headphone amp which will really bring out the sound of classic tracks, this is it.
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