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Orange Crush Pix CR100BXT

Orange Crush Pix CR100BXT

Wow. We have been fans of Orange for quite some years now, because they build bass combo amps that are among the ...

User Rating: 3.16 (19 votes)
2 Fender Rumble 200 v3

Fender Rumble 200 v3

This is simply a great bass combo amp, and represents amazing value. The bassists we spoke to for this review ...

User Rating: 3 (9 votes)
3 Hartke VX3500

Hartke VX3500

This is a really serious bass combo amp. Providing 350 watts of pure power, it will allow you to play even the ...

User Rating: 4.5 (4 votes)
4 Marshall MB15

Marshall MB15

A bit of a different beast from the other bass combo amps we are reviewing today, but included because this is ...

User Rating: 4.13 (8 votes)